Healthy Grass

These Omega-3’s are found in the chloroplasts of green leaves which is why grass health is essential.  According to Joe Robinson,, once animals are removed from grass and fed grains that are deficient in these grass-rich Omega 3’s, they begin to lose their store of healthy fat.

Healthy grass begins with the soil.  In the same way grass holds millions of little solar collectors, the soil holds trillions of microbes that create a balanced ecosystem where plants thrive.   Healthy soil captures and stores carbon and the higher the carbon content, the more moisture is retained.  By using a system of rotational grazing, we balance grazing with periods of rest to allow the grass to maximize growth.  By leaving a stand of grass in the pasture, we can insure the plants will have plenty of leaf left for collecting more sunlight, putting down healthy roots, and preventing soil erosion.

Healthy soil is like a sponge with small pores for collecting and holding moisture, so the benefits of a healthy grass and soil ecosystem go beyond the immediate goal of raising a producing food.  According to the Cee Web for biodiversity, there is a positive correlation between organic matter in soil and the retention of both water and carbon.

In their article about biodiversity and the soil by Sarah Chang, the positive interactions of soil and grazing are described.  She states “Grazing is an extremely important asset to the soil ecosystem. It is a natural method of “churning” and stimulating the soil and is vital to ‘influence plant community structure, soil chemical and physical properties, and the distribution and cycling of nutrients within the plant-soil system.’”

For us, it all fits together into the whole of what we are trying to accomplish with our ranch, business, conservation practices in hopes that future generations will inherit a healthier earth.  

A Little About Our Grass

Conserving the land and the grass our animals eat is of primary importance to us.  In fact, we are grass farmers as much as we are beef growers.  Think of the grass we grow as millions of little solar collectors doing the job of turning the sun’s energy into food for people.  We harvest the sun, so it is of the utmost importance to keep our grass healthy and thriving from the soil up.  

Why do we care about healthy grass – you might ask?  Well – we are what our animals eat.  Eating nutrient dense meat from animals who have been raised on vibrant plants and soils pass those healthy benefits on to the humans who consume it.  Healthy grass and soils create a diet rich in higher levels of Omega 3’s and conjugated linoleic acid – both of which contribute to human health.  

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