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Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is your beef Processed?
A: We use a small family owned facility which is USDA inspected and approved. Animals are dry aged, cut, and double-wrapped with a plastic on the inside and sturdy white paper freezer-wrap on the outside.

Q: What is dry ageing?
A: After an animal is slaughtered, it is hung to cool. During this process, we dry age or hang our animals for a minimum of 21 days. This ensures full bodied flavor and tenderness.

Q: Do you feed any grain?
A: None of our animals are ever fed any grain. 

Q: Do you use growth hormones, pesticides, animal by-products or antibiotics?
A: No, we don’t use growth hormones, pesticides, animal by-products or antibiotics on our animals.

Q: What if an animal gets sick and needs medication?
A: There are rare times when one of our animals becomes ill. This is rare, but if the situation warrants it, we will treat that particular animal. It is then removed from our grassfed program and not sold as a natural product.

Q: Are your animals free range?
A: Yes – our animals are never confined in feedlots but spend their entire lives on the open range.

Q: Is grassfed beef tougher than grain fed?
A: No. However – since grassfed beef is much leaner than grainfed (up to 30% leaner), it will cook much quicker For that tender, juicy steak, get your grill hot. Sear both sides while hot to seal in the juices and then turn down the heat. Cook to your desired shade of pink.

Q: How much freezer space do I need?
A: A quarter will yield about 120 lbs of packaged beef and will require about 4.5 cubic feet of freezer space. Often customers with limited space will partner with someone when they order.

Q: Would you like us to email you a cut list, or do you need more info?
A: Use our contact form or telephone us. We will be happy to answer any questions you have.