We keep a year round supply of ground beef and often have steaks, soup bones, and organ meat available 

Ground beef:

$6.50/lb        1 - 19 lbs

$6.25/lb       20 - 39 lbs

$6/lb            40 lbs and over

We also have a limited selection of top grilling steaks in the fall. Rib eye, t- bone, sirloin. Call for availability and pricing.

We offer a 5% discount for returning customers on orders of wholes, halves or quarters

We are always happy to speak with potential customers, and we invite all of you to visit our ranch at any time to see our operation and how our beef

is grown.

Our Products

2019 Pricing (Weights are approximate)
Type Average Hanging Weight (lbs) Price/lb. Hanging Weight ($) Approx. Package Weight (lbs) Approx. Price/lb. ($) Total Price (Average)
Whole 600 5.25 420 7.5 $3,150
Half 300 5.25 210 7.5 $1,575
Quarter 150 5.5 105 7.85 $825


We sell wholes, halves, quarters (also called a split-half), ground beef in 1 lb packages, a selection of great grilling steaks and beef sausage

when available.

​Colorado Grass Fed Beef at its Best

The majority of our beef is processed by a small family-owned business in Elizabeth, Colorado. They take care with every animal, and wrap using plastic on the inside and sturdy freezer paper on the outside. Our animals are hung a minimum of 21 days to ensure maximum flavor and tenderness.

If you order a whole or half, you may have your animal custom cut—choosing the size of roasts, steaks, package size and leanness of the ground beef to fit your family preferences.

If you order a quarter, the packages are a standard cut. Ground beef is 90% lean and wrapped in one pound packages. Steaks are cut 1” thick and packaged singly; round steaks are ½ inch; roasts weigh between 2 and 3 pounds; stew meat is in one pound packages and all other cuts should serve a family of four. Soup bones and organ meat are included; however, the liver is not always available. Also, if you order a quarter (split half), the organ meat is shared with the buyer of the other quarter. The heart and tongue do not always get equally distributed, so please ask for these.


Our prices for 2019 remain the same, and if you are a past customer,  we no longer offer a two tiered pricing system - Premium or Standard . We've been developing our genetics since 1999 and we only process and offer premium animals.  All yearling calves are ultra sounded for tenderness, shape of the rib-eye area and percentage of intramuscular fat - and we only select those that pass our strict criteria.

2019 PRICING (weights are approximate)

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Learn more about our products.

​Oswald Grassfed Beef is an all-natural antibiotic free, grass-fed product. Animals are born at home, raised at home, and finished at home. Since the beginning of our grass-fed business in 1999, we’ve carefully selected our herd to produce a high quality beef animal using bulls that meet or exceed criteria we feel important to producing fantastic meat. We’ve recently began using ultra sound technology on our calves for tenderness, shape and size of the rib eye area and percent of intramuscular fat—keeping only those females which meet our standards to introduce into our cow-calf herd.

It takes us longer to raise a truly finished animal solely on grass than the conventional feedlot animal which is typically fattened on grain. We feel it’s worth the wait. All of the grass-fed animals we sell are a minimum of 24 months of age.


There are many benefits to eating pasture raised or grass-fed and finished beef. For the latest news and research on pasture raised foods, and the health benefits, please visit Jo Robinson’s “Eat Wild” webpage.

Robinson says, “When we switch from grain fed to grass-fed meat, then, we are simply returning to our original diet, the diet that is most in harmony with our physiology. Every cell and system of our bodies functions better when we eat products from animals raised on grass.”

We couldn’t agree more.